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Crown to Sole Skincare

Turmeric & Honey Lip Scrub

Turmeric & Honey Lip Scrub

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Turmeric honey lip scrub
Bees Balm lip butter

Turmeric Honey Lip Scrub

Turmeric, Organic Honey, Demerara Brown Sugar, Granulated white sugar, Coconut, blended with AloeVera, Apricot oil, Avocado oil , Lemon and essential oil.

Exfoliate, Hydrates & Smooths

Dampen lips gently apply scrub over lips in a circular motion, if lips are peeling or extremely chapped hold warm cloth on lips before using scrub.

Do not use scrub if skin is broken , has cuts or bleeding.Use balm until healed.

Bees Balm Lip Butter

Organic Bees wax, Mango Butter , Kokurm butter,  Vitamin E, Collagen,GrapeSeed oil ,

Repairs, Moisturizes & Heals chapped,peeling lips.

Apply after scrubbing lips and  use as needed.

Activate compressed sponge by running under water( sponge will come to life)

4 pc Lip Care Bundle

1- Turmeric Honey Scrub 1-Bees Balm Lip Butter

1-  compressed sponge, 1- scrub spatula

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