Collection: 467 Stay Private Label Collection

467 Stay is a Private Label Partnership,that has been created with pure Organic ingredients. 

Your Body is in for a treat ! 

The 467 Collection allows your body to encounter a Hampton  Experience like no other.

Hampton Breeze Bodywash-  cleanses,calms and relaxes your skin while leaving you with a smooth, moisturized touch.

Shampoo-  awakens the scalp and invigorates your hair follicles to accept organic elements to leave your hair clean. conditioned and ready to style. 

Pineapple Soap / Glycerin Soaps are infused with Organic Castile , Olive Oil,GrapeSeed, Avacado , Coconut oil and Essential oils.

Hand Sanitizers- cleanses and softens your hands while coating your skin with antifungal and Antibacterial properties.

Nut Allergy Alert: Some products may have nut elements .